Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ramen at Nantsuttei, Millenia Walk

Nantsuttei_Charshu Ramen

The last time round when we were having our ebi ramen at Keisuke, we saw the snaking long queues at Nantsuttei and I made a mental note to try it some time. After dropping Ethan off at my parents' place on Sunday, it only took 10 minutes to arrive at Millenia Walk and fortuitously, there was no queue at all this time round at Nantsuttei. Perhaps we were early? Or the initial excitement has since faded, Singaporeans are notoriously fickle.

I ordered the Chashu ramen (SGD16). The ramen was nothing very spectacular, since I prefer a more crunchy / bouncy texture. The broth had a very strong and pronounced pork flavour but the black garlic oil did not add much to the dish, and the chashu was not quite fatty enough (ah, memories of that fatty pork cheek at Santouka). However, the crushed raw garlic cloves were a surprisingly good addition to the broth. Beware of salt and MSG overload however, merely half an hour later I was panting with thirst.


I was not too impressed when E pointed out that the ramen servings were cooked by an automatic machine. The cooking baskets automatically rise from the hot water when a preset cooking time is up...

P3-06, #03-02 Millenia Walk

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