Monday, January 24, 2011

Saboten, Parco Marina Bay

Saboten_Mentai cheese Loin set

So after last week's not-so-good experience taking 45 min to drive to Parkway Parade and park there (no pun intended), it was back to Millenia Walk this week to continue the streak of eating at Japanese restaurants. A mighty craving for fried food led us to Saboten. Saboten is a famous chain restaurant specialising in fried breaded tonkatsu from Japan, and in fact we had eaten at the Kyoto branch a few years back during our memorable Japan trip.

As in the Japanese outlets, each set comes with refillable servings of shredded cabbage (with a choice of yuzu or sesame dressing), Japanese rice, and miso soup. I went for the Mentai Cheese with Loin set (SGD 23, above), while E ordered the Hiroshima Oyster with Loin Set (SGD 23, below). While waiting for our orders to be fried up, we occupied ourselves by grinding sesame seeds into powder, before heaping generous scoups of the special tonkatsu sauce and mixing up the entire concoction for dipping the tonkatsu into.

Saboten_Oyster Loin Set

We were not disappointed. The batter was light and crispy, yet did not feel oily or greasy. Each piece of pork loin had a cut of fat encased within the golden brown batter...ooh.....delightfully sinful and fatty juiciness with each bite. E's huge and fat Hiroshima oysters were also a hit with us, but my mentai cheese rolls were nothing special. Both of us had second helpings of the shredded cabbage, this complemented the fried food very well and we consoled ourselves that this helped to soak up / negate some of the oil in our digestive tracts!

Definitely an affordable and convenient indulgence, we'll be back when the craving for tonkatsu hits us again.

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