Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jewels Artisan Chocolate Part 2: Chocolates


From top left corner, clockwise:
Cornelian: Caramel ganache coated with dark chocolate topped with caramel nibs
Red Ruby: Raspberry ganache paired with dark chocolate
Grand Espresso: Espresso and chocolate ganache
Peridot: Pistachio ganache layered with praline paste coated in dark chocolate
Praline Cafe: Finely ground caramelised almond and coffee beans enrobed in dark chocolate
Volcanic Salted Caramel: Caramel infused with Black Palm Island salt
Maracaibo Gianduja: Finely ground macadamia blended with milk chocolate
French nougat: Praline paste with nougat chips and feuilletine

We bought a box of 8 handcrafted lovelies (SGD3 each) to try. These were fairly good, with silkily rich ganache filling but not quite in the wow realm. I thought they were quite pricey too, perhaps reflecting the labour-intensiveness of the hand-crafting process and the quality ingredients (we saw blocks of varlhona baking chocolate). My favourites were the Red Ruby and Peridot.

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