Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jewels Artisan Chocolate Part 1: Macaroons

Jewel Artisan Macaroons

We popped by Jewels Artisan Chocolate after Saturday's lunch date at Ochre (more on that later) and picked up some chocolates and macaroons (SGD2 per piece). Upon finding out that owner Then Chui Foong had apprenticed with Pierre Herme, I had high hopes of delectable offerings.

From left to right: Raspberry, filled with raspberry conserve and rose almond cream; Brun, filled with hazelnut and almond praline paste; Black Island Palm Salt, filled with salted egg and almond cream.

However, I was a little disappointed - the texture of the raspberry and brun macaroons was not ideal, lacking the elusive crunch and bite and airy yet chewy texture of good macaroons. Furthermore, the rose flavour for Raspberry reminded me somewhat of shower gel, and the ratio of filling to macaroon shell in Brun was over-the-top. Black Island Palm Salt was a far better creation in terms of both macaroon shell texture and filling flavour, with a distinctive but not overly strong scent of salted egg. Very interesting local twist indeed!

Perhaps it would be a better bet to go for the chocolates here. A second post to come!

Jewels Artisan Chocolate
Orchard Central, #02-31/32

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