Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shin Sapporo Ramen

Shin Sapporo Miso

It seems that ramen shops have mushroomed around the island these days, so much so that it's getting hard to distinguish one bowl of ramen from the other. We had passed by Shin Sapporo Ramen several times while hopping over from Millennia Walk to Suntec City, which piqued our curiosity enough to try it out.

I had the Shin-Sapporo Miso ramen (spicy) (SGD15) while E opted for the Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen (SGD15). Mine came with the Sapporo curly noodles while E's version had the thin Hakata noodles. I much preferred mine as they had more bite and texture though the bounciness of Miharu's version was still elusive. However opinions and tastes differ from person to person, and E felt that his hakata noodles were cooked well, retaining an al dente texture. The broth was flavourful, not too salty, although not as rich (a.k.a. oily and full of gelatin!!!) as I would have liked, probably toned down to suit local palates (this reminds me of W who hates oily ramen soups). The egg was perfectly cooked with a runny yolk and soft white.

All in, a pretty good bowl of ramen but which stopped short of being spectacular or memorable. Well, ramen shops are a dime a dozen nowadays, and with such similar offerings and keen competition in the scene, one wonders whether there would be some casualties soon or whether Singaporeans' love for ramen and all things Japanese can support so many shops.

Shin Sapporo Tonkatsu

Shin Sapporo Ramen
Suntec City Mall (near the Carrefour end)

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