Friday, March 9, 2012

Ethan at Marina Bay Sands (to be continued)'s been almost 4 months since any new postings appeared on this blog! We are all doing very well and very happy, just that I've been extremely busy running after little toddler Ethan. Plus, I sheepishly admit that I went through a phase of watching movies and Chinese drama serials every night, thankfully my latest addiction has recently ended its run on TV so this leaves me with more time to blog.

Here are some quick snapshots of Ethan's latest adventure at Marina Bay Sands be continued with his gastronomic adventures at db bistro moderne!


i must bring a car everywhere i go! must must!


mummmeee, this is so exciting! quick quick hurry hurry!


hmm, this is nice, walking around up high.


mummeee, the tiny cars are more interesting than the bird in the sky! look, mummee, look!

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