Friday, March 23, 2012

Medz, Orchard Central

I usually try to give Marche-type restaurants a wide berth (mediocre food, expensive prices, long queues) but Medz, located in the bowels of the dizzingly confusing Orchard Central turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Giving us a positive first impression was the interestingly done-up interior, with lots of turkish lanterns casting warm jewelled tones on the mosaic tiled walls, and a warm and inviting ambience.

With a medley of offerings from the various Mediterranean countries - French, Italian, Turkish, Greek, Spanish, etc, there was no fear that we would not find something to our liking.

Medz_roast chicken

I opted for the truffled chicken (SGD10) from the French stall. This was good - tasty and flavourful and not disguised with lots of sauce, with our only slight quibble being that the breast meat was a trifle dry. You can help yourself to a range of spreads (like herb butter) to go with the chicken too. At this price, a steal.


Our other choice of Adana Kebab (SGD10) - a minced lamb skewer - was also a winner. The aroma and scent of the spices complemented the robustness of the lamb meat beautifully without being too overpowering, and the slightly charred exterior imparted a wonderfully smokey taste to the kebab, while the interior remained juicy.

This is one place I wouldn't mind coming back to in future if my tastebuds are feeling fickle!

181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central

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