Saturday, March 10, 2012

Seb's Bistro, Rochester Park

Sebastian's at Greenwood Park was one of the restaurants that I had wanted to eat at but didn't get the chance to before it closed down a few years ago. So when I heard that Sebastian Reuiller had opened a new place at Rochester Park, I jumped at the chance to check it out.

Located on the premises of the now (alas!) defunct Cassis, but with a distinctly more laid-back and rustic feel, Seb's Bistro offers only out-door dining (bad luck for those hot weather and mozzie haters) and has a children's playground next door. The tables and chairs did look somewhat worn down and worse for wear, whether this was a result of the tropical weather ravages or from abuse by children I was not sure. But in any case, we were there for the food, which did not disappoint.


I can't help but order duck confit whenever I see it on the menu and this was no exception. Seb's Bistro's duck confit with braised red cabbage and apple ($29) was a winner, with crispy skin, just-right level of saltiness, still soft duck meat, and the interestingly tangy cabbage and apple accompaniment.


Even better was the weekend roast. A darn good prime rib roast, pink and delightfully succulent, beefy and savoury. Not one for the faint hearted, prepare to loosen your belts. We ordered the ladies cut (400g, $35) and it was almost too much for us even with Ethan sharing some of the beef.


Merry Kissmas, mummmmee!

Note though, that the full menu options are only available on weekends. On weekdays, the offerings are much reduced, focusing on light eats (sandwiches and such).

Seb's Bistro
7 Rochester Park

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