Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Babi Guling in Bali

On this trip, I was absolutely determined to try Bali's most revered and famous dish - babi guling, or roasted suckling pig. As most Balinese are Hindu, pork is widely eaten here, unlike in other parts of Indonesia. Ibu Oka is Bali's most famous and most well-regarded outlet for babi guling, and they prepare 3 pigs each day to serve the hungry hoards that descend upon them each day from 11 am onwards. The dish itself consists of slices of roast pork, crispy skin, sausages stuffed with dried blood, fried cracklings (or lard!), and roasted pig ears, all mixed with spices and served on a bed of rice. Despite the horrific sounding description, it is actually quite decent tasting, but very much a cholesterol overload exercise! Personally, i think good Chinese roast pork (like the one from Kay Lee, Upper Paya Lebar Road) is much better but then, this is a must-try in Bali. Go early, as very long queues start forming from about 1215 onwards.

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