Saturday, November 3, 2007

Road Trip to Cameron Highlands and KL

Last weekend, we drove to Cameron Highlands for a short break among the farms and tea plantations. This was very much a relaxing holiday. Even the driving (for 9 hours to get there) was really rather fun, as we had packed lots of junk food and cold drinks (which stayed cold!) for the road. Cameron Highlands consists of a cluster of about 3 - 4 little towns, dotted with farms and plantations along the way. They are famous for their vegetables and fruits, which they export to other parts of Malaysia and Singapore as well. Indeed, the vegetables tasted so extremely sweet and crisp (this comes from a non-veggie/fruit lover) that even I couldn't resist gobbling them down. Of course, we plucked lots of fresh strawberries at RM30 per kilo as well which were so sweet and juicy, since we could choose the largest, reddest, and ripest ones to pick! A nice and slow weekend among nature and a wonderful getaway.

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