Monday, November 12, 2007

Seeing Stars

Two weeks ago we saw more stars again, as part of the Gordon Grill (at Goodwood Park Hotel) promotion where they invited guest Michelin-starred chefs to come and present their best dishes. This time round, we sampled the creations of 2 Michelin-star chef, Jean-AndrÉ Charial from France, trying out the 6 course degustation lunch menu. At $128+++ a person, it had better be good. And it was. We had the vegetable parmentier ragout simmered with black truffles, followed by crustacean cream veloute with royale blond liver and crayfish, and then the seared saint jacques sea scallop with potato salad. This was quickly followed by a very delectable roasted mediterranean red mullet with basil (my favourite herb), and roasted bresse chicken thigh / breast (this was a slight let-down for me as I felt that the breast meat was overcooked and a tad dry, although E said that it was just nice). Dessert was just as good:
roasted salted caramel apples with Iced Vanilla Sabayon. As can be imagined, we were all fit to burst after that stupendous lunch. However, if one has to make comparisons, I would say that Michel Roux still has an edge, with that simply divine beef cheek that I am still dreaming about.

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