Friday, August 15, 2008

Astons Express - Why Did I Bother?

I usually don't give scathing reviews (being quite a kind and patient person in general) but I was really quite upset with this place.

The saga began when late last night, E and I were looking for dinner and decided to eat at Astons Express at a coffeeshop - Astons Express is an expansion of the original Astons at East Coast Road into various coffeeshops, there are now more than 10 around.

Okay, stupid me ignored this warning sign of over-rapid expansion. And what an absolute rip-off this was. We ordered the Porterhouse Steak for $28 dollars, asked for it to be done medium, it came 20 minutes later well-done. The meat was totally dessicated, tough and chewy. The side dishes came in sad little pre-prepared plastic tubs. If I spend $28 dollars, I expect my money's worth, not bad quality in a coffeeshop setting.

This entire operation just smells of the owner trying to make big bucks quickly. Looks like Aston's has sold out to the lure of the bottomline. Never going back again.

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