Friday, August 8, 2008

Brotzeit, Vivocity

E and I went to Brotzeit ( at Vivocity a couple of weeks ago. We had been wanting to check out this place for some time now, but it was always so busy and packed every time we dropped by. Lucky us finally managed to snag prime, “sea”-front view seats on the veranda area outside. And it was indeed a lovely view to gaze out at the Sentosa waterfront, hear the waves gently lapping and see some ships on the horizon as the sky slowly darkened.

The food was rather good German pub-grub – we shared a beer and a humongous pork knuckle, wonderfully crispy and savoury / rich without being too salty or fatty, accompanied with sides of sauerkraut and potato salad. With its winning formula of great chill-out ambience with good (though not outstanding) food and decent prices, looks like Brotzeit will continue to pack in the crowds for some time yet! However, they do need to buck up on their service standards – it was typical for us to wait for 10 minutes or more before getting attention from the service staff though the food and drinks came promptly once ordered.

N.B. Sorry no photos, as camera had been sent in for servicing / repair at that time.

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