Sunday, August 31, 2008

Long-awaited Iggy's at Regent Hotel

We finally made it to Iggy's after many years of bated breath - somehow we couldn't find the time earlier, or another restaurant beckoned more invitingly, or we just wanted to stay at home and eat home-cooked meals. When E suggested that we both take one day leave to go to the computer exhibition at Suntec City, Comex (or rather, E to go to Comex and I to go shopping) it was the perfect opportunity to finally experience the Iggy's magic.
Enough superlative epithets have been used to describe Iggy's - it's been rated as the best restaurant in Singapore and 60th in the world. So did it live up to expectations? Yes - everything tasted like food nirvana with a couple of small exceptions. We went for the $55 set lunch and had:
Amuse-bouche: Sweet Corn Cappuccino with Chocolate surprise
Didn't really care for this, being more inclined towards savoury food rather than sweet food. In any case, I was really looking forward to the famous Iggy's gazpacho which must have given way to this.
Starters: Home-made potato gnocchi with truffle salsa, soft-boiled egg and parma ham; Sakura ebi cappellini with konbu and home-made scampi oil
What a start to the meal. I can't describe how good that sakura ebi tasted. Iggy's is so generous with the serving that it could almost pass off as a main, with liberal sprinklings of fresh crunchy sakura ebi. And the gnocchi? It was simply simply stupendous, I mopped up what E was willing to pass to me, that soft-boiled egg and the truffle salsa were a match made in heaven.
Mains: Iggy's burger - home-made wagyu burger with white truffle sabayon; Kurobuta Pork - praised pork cheek with onion confit, fried egg, summer truffle
What can I say? Wow, wow, wow! The white truffle sabayon on the burger looked deceivingly like melted cheese, except for the tantalising wafts of truffle aroma, this idea is just so creative. And nuff said about that superbly juicy, medium-rare wagyu burger. I thought my burger dish was outstanding, but E's Kurobuta Pork was simply superb. Have never eaten pork so tender, so sweet in my life. And those truffles and squelchy runny egg yolk? Simply delish.
Desserts: Vanilla panna cotta with basil ice-cream and candied tomatoes; French Toast with chocolate cylinder, home-made maple ice-cream, iced mocha
The panna cotta wasn't really outstanding and the basil ice-cream while interesting, didn't get me excited. But E's choice of French Toast was really excellent - especially the creamy maple ice-cream and the iced mocha which had little coco crunch bits in it.
Food nirvana indeed. Or as near as one can get in Singapore, for now (I live in hope!).

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