Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mum's Durian Birthday Cake

My mum loves durian cake and has been asking when I can buy the cake from Jane's Cake Station (Jalan Kayu) for her. Hence for her birthday this year (click here for last year's birthday cake), I decided to bake a durian cake.
I used a simple genoise sponge recipe from Michel Roux's Eggs book to bake a cake sponge base, then simply cross-sectioned it to make two round halves. Sandwiched in between was a 1 cm thick layer of pure unadulterated undiluted D24 durian pulp, freshly bought the night before, deseeded and mashed. I used about 1 durian's worth for this cake. Whipped cream used for the very amateurish and quite ugly cake icing, with dried (edible) rose petals sprinkled over it for decoration.
I think my mum was very happy with this cake, though she suggested that the cake crumb could be made more moist (I need to brush it with syrup water the next time round) and there could be more durian (will double durian quantity and cut down on cake quantity).
N.B. I was in quite a nervous state during the making of this cake, , even with a trial run 2 months ago., as I had very little time to do it. Baking requires one to still the mind - focus, relax, zen and calm. I was fairly okay until I watched the hair-raising Michael Phelps finger-tip win in the Olympic men's 100m butterfly final yesterday morning. Whereupon which I promptly proceeded to overbeat my whipping cream which curdled big-time, and had to drive out to get another pack.

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