Sunday, November 29, 2009

Chin Lee Restaurant has Pig Trotter Jelly!

Tucked away deep in the heartlands in a nonedescript HDB estate, Chin Lee packs in the crowds because of its good authentic Teochew cooking and down-to-earth prices. Being half-a-Teochew (but always thinking that I am a full Teochew) on my mother's side and loving Teochew-style cooking, I happily trooped down with my parents to check this place out on Saturday evening.

I knew we were in the right place when I flipped open the menu and THERE IT WAS. I just had to have the chilled pig trotter jelly (SGD8), one of my favourite dishes when I was growing up. The pig trotters are basically stewed with pig skin in a light soya sauce stock, and because of the super-high gelatine content, the stock hardens and sets when refrigerated. It is then sliced up into chunks and served with some chilli sauce on the side. Chin Lee's rendition tastes lighter and less salty than the one I used to eat at home but very chewy and with great texture....two thumbs up!

We were also very happy with the coffee pork ribs (SGD12), which were infused all the way through with the slightly sweet coffee aroma and nicely crispy around the edges. My mum actually ate one whole piece which says a lot about how delicious this was since she normally hates the smell of pork and avoids it assiduously.

Our Teochew-style steamed live red garoupa (about $35) was simply superb too. Not many pieces can do Teochew style steaming well but Chin Lee gets it down pat, fish steamed to just the right level of doneness, with lots of watery soup, my favourite preserved plum and pickled mustard as condiments, and even rinds of pork fat ...this last item was so authentic that my mum was the only person who had ever eaten it before! I slurped up every last drop of that great soup.

Service was very prompt and friendly, and even better, they don't charge for GST or service. We left very very happy campers indeed. For those who are thinking of going, please make reservations in advance because they are always fully booked out especially on weekends.

Chin Lee Restaurant
Blk 115 Bedok North Road
6449 5454

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