Tuesday, November 24, 2009

L'Entrepot Bistrot

Not so impressive was L’Entrepot Bistrot, despite the chef hailing from the hallowed halls of Iggy’s. Over a working lunch I tested out the very limited number of options offered in the promotional $15 Clarke Quay set lunch deal (for two courses).

My French onion soup with melted emmental cheese and croutons was decent enough. I could taste the sweetness from the caramelized onions – it was good that sugar was not used to artificially sweeten the soup – but I couldn’t really tell if veal stock had been used in the preparation. My main of seabass fared fairly well too, seasoned just right with salt, and the skin had been fried to a good crisp while the flesh remained succulent. The accompanying bed of potatoes and the tomato, olive and capsicum sauce were adequate but uninspired. Servings were small and left me feeling rather unsatiated after the meal (and I'm a very small eater too).

To be fair, at this price one can’t expect that much but I wish that I had liked this place just that little bit more to want to come back and try its higher-priced offerings. The location at the fading tacky tourist spot of Clarke Quay is really not a point in favour for L’Entrepot Bistrot; it only had 3 occupied tables (including ours) during the lunch hour. It’s a sad reality that even restaurants with talented chefs at their helm, do have to bow to the pressures of the bottomline and cut down on the quality of their ingredients / food, which only creates a vicious cycle.


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