Monday, November 9, 2009

Macaroon Madness

Since this was France, macaroons were being sold at virtually every street corner and shop...yes, even McDonalds! We had macaroons at...

Laduree's airport stand, even before we had stepped out of the airport into Paris. Our passionfruit and coffee macaroons had a light and crisp texture, though the flavour was mild.

Pierre Herme, which is the Macaroon Mecca for foodie pilgrims. These were by far the best that we had...ethereally light as air, yet with a crisp bite and such intense flavour. Totally dreamy and droolsome.

McCafe. The worst of the lot... disappointingly heavy and cloying. Not worth the calories!

Lenotre, which is a very well regarded French patisserie. These had a good texture but the fillings tasted somewhat artificial.

A market stand in Avignon, Provence. Cheap but still tasted good.

Last but not least, frozen supermarket macaroons from Monoprix and Picard. These were surprisingly delicious and would be perfect for a home dinner party! Now, if only Cold Storage would answer my prayers and start stocking these....

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