Thursday, December 17, 2009

Banyan Tree Bintan (Part 2)

As it was our first time staying at a Banyan Tree accommodation, we were not quite sure what to expect although the website pictures were jaw-droppingly lovely and hinted of tip-top luxury (the price was jaw-dropping too).

Our villa had a wonderful large open-air deck with a personal outdoor jacuzzi. Inside, the room was huge, done up in a traditional Indonesian style, with a four-poster bed and a comfy daybed to lounge on and watch DVDs (why the supremely outdated 24 inch CRT television set is beyond me though).

a huge deck with jacuzzi covered up to prevent leaves from falling in
Later that evening, we got a little BBQ going on the veranda and had the most stupendous dinner of grilled corn, Japanese sweet potatoes, sausages and canned ratatouille with crusty bread, followed by toasted marshmallows for dessert. This was such a fun and exiting experience and it all tasted incredibly good I suppose because we did everything ourselves. After we had eaten ourselves into a stupor, we sat in the jacuzzi and counted the stars liberally dusted all over the clear night sky. I thought I saw a shooting star streak low over the trees and made a heartfelt wish on it…

our dinner grilling above glowing hot charcoal
Banyan Tree Bintan is showing its age and many aspects can be improved (the subpar toiletries, the somewhat worn furnishings) but somehow all these little details weren’t that important after all our worries and stresses melted away in the tranquil environment, surrounded by nature. Reflecting on all that had happened in the past year, amazingly, the memories that came to mind were about happiness, love, and hope, and not the bad times. Having my loved ones around me, healthy and happy - that is indeed the greatest blessing that one can have.

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