Saturday, December 19, 2009

Barcelos and my peri-peri chicken craving

It is no secret that I luuurve YNandos. The grilled chicken marinated in the secret peri-peri sauce is a super-addictive perfect blend of tangy, flaming-hot and smoky flavours. Whenever I see a Nandos outlet overseas, I MUST eat there, no two words about it.

Sadly, Nandos does not have any outlets in Singapore. Even Mustafa seems to have stopped stocking their sauces (a dear friend braved the wrath of Malaysian customs to hand-carry a bottle back from Penang for me).

But then, I recently found out about Barcelos – a Nandos competitor (actually more like an pretender…even right down to the cockerel logo and the bottles of peri-peri sauce on the table). Rushing down to the Holland Village outlet, I ordered a set: ¼ chicken done “very peri”, served with a side of spicy rice and a can of soft drink, all at a very reasonable price of SGD10.95. Barcelos’ version tasted close enough to the real deal that I was happy eating it although the flavor and spiciness level were not as intense as that of Nandos proper (even then there is some variation in Nandos’ quality – the Australian and London outlets are far better than the Malaysian outlets). No matter, one can always turn to the sauce bottles on the table for extra excitement - I must have used up half of Barcelos’ “supa peri” sauce as a dip.

The servings were modestly sized even for a small eater....

Now I know where to go when the cravings for peri-peri chicken strike!
17E Lorong Liput,Holland Village
Vivocity, #02-91/93

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