Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wah Kee Farrer Park Prawn Noodles

On Boxing Day morning, we were in the vicinity to run some mundane household errands and had a craving for prawn noodles, so off it was to the Pek Kio hawker centre at Cambridge Road. There was a mega-long wait at the famous Wah Kee Farrer Park prawn noodle stall, but the friendly stallholder chatted with E and told him all about the history of how he first started selling prawn noodles 58 years ago from a pushcart at 20cents a bowl. What a wonderfully colourful slice of history!

We got both the $3 version and the $10 version with three huge jumbo prawns. The $3 version was average, and the soup stock was rather weak so I scratched my head as to why the long queues. But then I chowed down on the $10 version and then understood what the fuss was all about. The stock was robustly prawny and flavourful. Those jumbo prawns were galumpingly fresh and incredibly sweet and tasty, accompanied with a bowl of very fragrant al-dente homemade egg noodles (the auntie refused to let E order the beehoon as she had made the egg noodles herself).

Completely worth that 30 minutes wait.

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