Saturday, December 5, 2009

Marbled Cheesecake

My brother's birthday cake this year was meant to be some sort of chocolate cake but when my mother asked in a small voice "what type of cake are you baking" I knew what she really wanted me to make. Hah.

It's not difficult to create the stylo mylo marbling effect. I portioned out a third of the cheesecake mix and melted some milk chocolate chips in it, then alternately filled up the mould with the darker mix and original mix, before running the tines of a fork through the surface to swirl some of the darker coloured mix through the lighter one. This is a great ego-boosting exercise for feeling like a consummate patissier even if you are not a very accomplished baker *grin*
Remember, don't add the chocolate chips directly into your filled mould - because of the difference in relative densities of chocolate versus cheesecake mix, if you do so, the chocolate chips will just sink right to the bottom.

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