Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dinner at Zipangu

While in KL last Sunday, we decided to treat ourselves to a good dinner, at Zipangu which is the resident Japanese restaurant in Shangri-La KL. I had eaten there (twice!) before, and had very good memories of the food there.

It was in fact much much better than I remembered....we decided to order one sushi set and one beef teppanyaki set. The sushi set came with dobin moshi (teapot soup), salad, foie gras with wintermelon, tempura, mixed sushi, miso soup, and ice cream. The mixed sushi was wonderfully top made, with rice that didn't disintegrate when we picked it up with our chopsticks (you know what i mean), and wonderfully fresh, sweet and meltingly tender raw fish / scallop. Ahhhhhhh. The teppanyaki set was just as good, with tenderloin grilled to medium perfection... juicy and sweet.

And the ice cream!! We chose one black sesame ice cream and one green tea (macha) ice cream. It was sooooo good. The green tea ice cream had enough oomph and fragrance without being overly sweet.

Although this place is rather pricey, so only for special occasions.

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