Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dad's Birthday Cake

It's my Dad's birthday next week, and we're celebrating it this weekend. I decided to make a healthy cake for him, since at his age he has to watch his diet and cut down on fatty and cholesterol inducing stuff.

Inspired by Obachan's beautiful cake, I made a three-layer konnyaku jelly "cake". The top layer has salted sakura flowers in hibiscus-flavoured konnyaku (I wanted to colour it pink but decided against using artificial colouring, so the Egyptian hibiscus tea came in handy both for its colouring as well as its exotic fragrance). The second layer contains lots of blueberries, again in hibiscus-flavoured konnyaku. The third layer has plump and super sweet giant strawberries in a clear konnyaku jelly. I hope my Dad and family like the "cake".

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