Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sakura Ebi Spaghetti

A quick, simple and delish recipe made using sakura ebi bought from Tsukiji market. These sakura ebi are so crunchy, full of sweet prawny flavour and pretty to look at, I almost wish that I could snack on them all day long.

- Boil some pasta (preferably capelllini / angel-hair pasta) until al-dente, remove from water and drain
- Prepare prawn oil by frying prawn heads and shells in some vegetable oil (about 4 tablespoons, shells and heads of 6 prawns). Saute some prawns and dried chilli flakes (pepperoncino) in the prawn oil.
- Mix prawns, prawn oil well through the drained pasta. Season with some salt to taste.
- Heat up a dry, clean pan till very hot, and toss in some sakura ebi. Heat till fragrant, about 3 minutes.
- Serve the pasta with the sakura ebi on top, and garnish with chiffonaded parsley.

Chubby Hubby's recipe for mentaiko pasta with sakura ebi also looks simply amazing and as a bonus, easy to boot, check it out at this link. Incidentally, I've eaten 4 out of the 5 things that Chubby Hubby lists as the five to eat before you die.

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