Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Zambuca, Pan Pacific Hotel

Decent set lunch fare at a very affordable rate (one-for-one promotion on Amex credit cards). Zambuca, situated on the 3rd floor of Pan Pacific Hotel at Marina, is one of the restaurants under the Michelangelo's chain (the others are Michelangelo's, Sistina, and Original Sin). At lunch, you get four courses: soup, salad, main, dessert, plus coffee/tea.
However, my main course of "Grilled Ribeye with roasted potatoes, grilled vegetables, onion jam in black pepper jus" came well-done, when I had specified for it to be done medium-rare. My colleague Suchin's steak also came well done. Nevertheless, it was still tasty and relatively tender. Another minor grouse was that the service was coolly efficient and lacked warmth (unlike Restaurant Ember at 1929 where I ate last week), with the ambience of a functional hotel restaurant.
Nevertheless, I think it's still worth going back to Zambuca again another day sometime in the future to give it a second opinion.

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