Monday, April 21, 2008

Oh! Toro: Fish Mart Sakuraya

Strong cravings for good quality sashimi struck 4 weeks after we returned from Japan. We bought this at Fish Mart Sakuraya (the Parkway Parade branch, their main outlet is at The Village Centre near Buona Vista) and settled down at home to devour SGD40 worth of otoro, the fattiest part of the tuna belly for dinner. We even tried "aburi-ing" it with our blowtorch which was unfortunately not that successful as our blowtorch was faulty and did not produce a hot enough flame.
I think both of us have been spoilt by the divine food in Japan. Somehow this experience did not elucidate quite the same level of rapture in us, apart from "quite nice". The otoro was not as fresh as what we had tasted, plus the marbling of the fat was not as enough throughout the meat. Indeed we are really spoilt.
PS. I wanted to add that Fish Mart Sakuraya really offers value-for-money sashimi, tastier, fresher, and cheaper than Sakae Sushi. Just head straight for the cold counter where the cuts are displayed like a supermarket, and point to the ones that you like. The assistants will then slice it up nicely for you. Don't bother about the menu or ordering other stuff like chirashi sushi.

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