Sunday, May 27, 2007

Adam Road Prawn Noodle

We were in the Dempsey Road / Botanic Garden area yesterday so popped by the Adam Road hawker centre. This hawker centre has a number of famous stalls, including the nasi lemak and prawn noodle. Having eaten nasi lemak from the famous stall before and feeling rather "jeelak" yesterday, we decided to go for the soupy prawn noodle instead.

At $5 a bowl, with 3 humongous prawns and one pork rib, I thought that it was very value-for-money. Prawns were extremely fresh, crunchy and sweet (at least for such big prawns, the bigger they get, the less flavour they have). Unfortunately, I thought the stock wasn't that fantastic - it was quite good, but not concentrated and flavourful enough from boiling lotsa prawn heads and shells. I would have expected more of such a highly rated stall with a half-hour long queue. Also I thought I detected a hint of rock sugar, which I don't like in soups - hey, if you can get sweetness from the natural ingredients, why add sugar, right? E tells me that the stock used to be better though.

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