Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cold Soba Noodles with Dipping Sauce

E suggested this morning that we should have Japanese soba noodles for lunch. That was fine, we had the noodles, but we ran out of the bottled dipping sauce many months ago. So feeling creative, I gathered all the japanese ingredients in the kitchen and mixed up my own dipping sauce using mirin, japanese shoyu, dashi stock (shaved bonito flakes boiled with water), miso paste, and some finely grated young ginger. We were surprised at how "authentic" it tasted despite the lack of dried seaweed and finely chopped spring onions as garnish.
Later, I recalled that there might be a recipe for soba dipping sauce in my japanese cookbook and did a quick check. lo and behold, I actually "accidentally" got all the ingredients correct with the exception of the miso paste. Will post up recipe in future after I measure the amount of ingredients to use - this morning's attempt was just thrown together based on gut feel of the right amounts.
N.B. It is a good idea to serve the grated ginger and spring onions on the side so that it can be added to taste, if you have fussy people eating. Wasabi paste can also be added to the dipping sauce (again, serve the wasabi on the side).

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