Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ethan is Five Months Old!

Ethan_after swim

My beautiful little boy is five months old today, and is extremely happy and healthy. I am so blessed and lucky to have him.
At five months old, Ethan has developed some wonderful habits:
  • Sleeping through the night for 12 hours, from 730 pm to 730 am. He started doing this 3 nights ago, after I decided not to wake him up at 4am to breastfeed. When he wakes up in the morning, he doesn't cry but just plays quietly with his hands / feet or benchpresses, while waiting for me to go into his room and get him up. Even when he does a poop and stains his romper, he still doesn't cry! What a good boy!
  • Settling himself to sleep, without any patting or pacifier. After I put him down on his cot and leave the room, he rolls / crawls around the cot and plays with his hands / feet for a little while, then falls asleep after about 10 minutes or so, with perhaps one to two minutes of soft whimpering.
  • Able to patiently self-entertain and self-play in his rocker chair, for up to 30 minutes at a time. He also waits for us to finish dinner (he likes to stare at us eating - it's like a great show for him), before I give him his last feed of the day.
  • He is still on complete milk feeding (5 feeds a day, 180 - 190 ml per feed, 65% breastmilk, 35% formula milk). I intend to try feeding him a little bit of diluted rice cereal next weekend, it's really exciting! Ethan's first taste of "real" food. Wonder if he will turn out to be a little gourmand.


Ethan: lookeee at me mummmeeee. i am a water baby. i love to swim!

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