Thursday, March 24, 2011

Table 66, Revisit

alas empty save for us on a Saturday.

Table 66_Duck

The duck leg confit (SGD 28), done sous vide, was marvellous, aptly demonstrating just how sous vide cooking can elevate certain dishes to new heights. Meltingly tender meat, not overly salty as some renditions of duck leg confit are wont to be (take note, Au Petit Salut) and a beautifully crackingly thin skin. Like crunching on crackers but way better.

Table 66_Beef

Almost as good was the beef chateaubriand, also cooked sous vide and finished on the grill (SGD 38). The "almost" qualifier, since it was cooked to medium doneness (E's specification, while I always think that medium rare is the best way to savour steaks). Still, this was beautifully tender, all the beefy juices had been captured and retained within the meat by the long slow controlled temperature cooking. Hurrahs for whoever invented sous vide cooking!

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