Sunday, March 20, 2011

Porky vermicelli from Paradise Inn

Paradise Inn_Pork Trotter Vermicelli

I remembered Chubby Hubby's rave review about these pork noodles from ages ago. A Fabulously Fatty Fantasy?? I've gotta try this, I thought. With Ethan strapped to my chest on my trusty Ergo baby carrier, I made the short hike to the Paradise Inn outlet at my neighbourhood mall to check out this dish.

In yet another instance of over-inflated expectations, I felt a distinct sense of anti-climax. The slices of pork trotters were slithery and smooth and the noodles oily (perhaps a little too much), but this wasn't something that hit the comfort food spot for me. Perhaps my eating enjoyment was hampered by the efforts of trying not to drop lard-laden noodles onto Ethan's beautiful baby hair!

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