Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bento lunch on the Shinkansen

We travelled from Kyoto to Tokyo on the super fast Shinkansen bullet train, which went up to a speed of 260 km/h (we verified this using our handheld GPS navigator) and got us to Tokyo in 2 and a half hours! The Shinkansen is very expensive, about SGD 150 per person, but I think it was worth paying this amount for the sheer comfort and efficiency. The "normal" limited express train would have taken 6 - 7 hours. We were even lucky enough to get a beautiful glance of Mount Fuji from the train (earlier picture posted), which is usually shrouded in mist / clouds.
I insisted upon buying bento boxes to eat on the train (when in Japan, do as the Japanese do) for 1000 yen (about SGD 15) each, and we had lots of fun eating it on the train. My favourite Japanese pickle - umeboshi or preserved plum - is hidden somewhere at the bottom of the bento box.

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