Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sinful Desserts: Pierre Herme, Sadaharu Aoki, and Kagizen Yoshifusa

In between our many many wonderful meals, we snacked a lot on desserts. Kyoto is well known for its own brand of traditional Japanese sweets, or "Kyogashi" while there has been tons written up about the stupendous french pastries in Tokyo.
In Kyoto, we hunted down an old shop, Kagizen Yoshifusa that is well known for its handmade moist sweet cakes - each selling at 400 yen (about SGD 6) each, and thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon slowly sipping bamboo whisked green tea and nibbling on the cakes.
While in Tokyo, I made it my top priority to seek out Pierre Herme's macarons at the New Otani Hotel, and slowly enjoyed the three that I bought, which cost about SGD 4 each. Really very affordable for a small slice of heaven. Of course, I realised later that I need not have treked all the way to New Otani Hotel as the wondrous Shinjuku Isetan supermarket had all the famous patissiers! This was where I chanced upon the marvellous eclairs from Sadaharu Aoki, which is also very highly rated by Chubby Hubby , we had the caramel with sea salt. Oh my goodness. I would happily eat this every single day for breakfast! Just too bad I realised at this juncture, 7 days into our trip, that we had to start watching our weight....

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