Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wonderful Gastronomic Experience in Japan

We've finally come back after 9 days of eating (and sightseeing) in Kyoto and Tokyo. It was truly breath-taking to say the least. We had so much good food that it was unbelievable. Kaiseki in a beautiful old villa, shabu-shabu in the heart of old Tokyo, to cheap yakitori at a simple roadside shop, to refined kyo-gashi sweets in Kyoto, fresh sushi at dawn in Tsukiji market, piping hot red bean paste buns eaten by the roadside, and Pierre Herme marcarons. Of course, the beautiful scenery, gardens, temples, and neon lights of kyoto and tokyo, where we were extremely lucky to catch the first blushes of the cherry blossom season. This has been a one-of-a-kind journey indeed.
More details to come in the next few posts.

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