Saturday, March 29, 2008

Massive Queue for Red Bean Cakes in Tokyo

We were exploring an interesting little side street in the traditional part of Tokyo, when we came across this long queue of patient Japanese snaking out of a little shop and spilling out onto the sidewalk, and the most fantastic aroma of grilled cakes. Inside, one young chap was busily juggling long cast iron moulds, filling them with batter and red bean paste, and then heating them up over fire. Daunted by the prospect of waiting, we decided to pass by the next day to see if we could catch a shorter queue. The short queue didn't happen the next day.
So, when we passed by the same shop yet again on the third day, we decided to brave the queue with all the locals and see what the fuss was all about. The queue of half an hour wasn't that bad and I could see just why. For one, the cakes were piping hot and with just the faintest charring which added the most fragrant taste. Second, they were filled to bursting with red bean paste (more paste than batter?) with chunky bits, the way I like it. Third, these were really cheap - 130 yen (or about SGD 1.90) each. I really liked this little slice of authentic experience - made me feel like a traveller and not a tourist. The shop is somewhere along Ningyocho-dori, near to the Suitengumae or the Ninyocho underground stations.

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