Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hyotei, Kyoto

Hyotei is a 300-year old restaurant in Kyoto, near the Nanzenji temple, originally set up to cater to pilgrams visiting the temple. Tempting as the thought was, both E and I decided that we would not shell out $400 per person for their kaiseki, but to go for the relatively more affordable Shokado-Bento at $70 a person instead, in the modern new annex building ("bekkan"). Click on their website to feast on the marvellous pictures. I liked the food served at Hyotei, but I think the kaiseki experience at Minoko was much more memorable. We peeped inside the Hyotei (with only 5 private tatami rooms) garden and it was utterly charming, so those with deep pockets should give it a go.

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