Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Eating Sushi Breakfast at Tsukiji Market

How cool is this - after watching the tuna auction and browsing through the wholesaler stalls, you can actually enjoy eating the freshest sushi at the small stalls just outside the market? On two successive mornings, we tried out Sushi Daiwa, a small counter packed to bursting with a queue of 30 min just to get in and Sushizanmai, a less touristy outlet, and gorged ourselves on uni (sea urchin), otoro (fatty tuna belly) and aburi-toro (flambed fatty tuna belly). Overall, I think we had a better experience at Sushizanmai, which is far less packed and concerned about turning your seat around in 15 minutes, plus it has really good prices. Sushi Daiwa now charges 3500 yen (about 50 SGD) per person for a set which doesn't really give you a choice of what you'd like to eat, while you can take your pick at Sushizanmai (400 yen or 6 SGD for each piece of otoro or aburi-toro). Sushi heaven!

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