Saturday, June 6, 2009

Adam's Peanut Butter

Two words. Yums. Yummy. Yummelicious. (oops, that was three words.) I had been having a burning desire to hunt down Adam's PB even since I read this rave review by ice. She said that it was sold at $4.95 at NTUC Fairprice. So I went to the Eastpoint Mall, Tampines, Marine Parade, Commonwealth outlets. Nil, zilch, nada. Next to Cold Storage Parkway Parade - managed to spy some jars of Adam's No-stir creamy.... but where was the 100% natural chunky??

Finally, hit pay dirt at Cold Storage Jelita last night (maybe there's high demand from all the rich people living in the vicinity). All the different types of Adam's PB!! Quickly grabbed one bottle of 100% natural chunky, $6.95 but never's not that much more expensive than Skippy's or Peter Pan PB.

And promptly had it for breakfast this morning (on hindsight, it's good that I managed to get in a 5 km run before 8am). Wah, PB heaven! It is so rich and nutty.... can taste peanut crunch in every single bite. (Relatively) good for your body too, with no nasty hydrogenated oils - the oil separates but who cares, just stir it back in. E was staring very hard all over the jar trying to look for the ingredients list (doctors can be sooooo anal about health matters) until I pointed out to him that the only ingredient was "peanuts". Hahahaha.

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