Sunday, June 28, 2009

Big D's Grill

Well we just had to go back to the coffeeshop at Blk 46 Holland Drive, having braved the disastrous fish head beehoon as a substitute for Big D's Grill which was not open that day. On Friday, Big D's was open, and we happily ordered the crab linguine and pork loin. Our food came very fast, within 10 minutes, although it was cooked not by Big D himself, but by some youngsters (eerily reminiscent of a couple of bad experiences at Aston's). E pronounced the crab linguine as "not bad" - it had a generous serving of shredded crab cooked in tomato base spiked with chilli, and linguine was nicely al dente. My pork loin though, was just average. The sides (yummy baked beans and very smooth mashed potato with a hint of sour cream) fared better.

A decent meal but not one that I would come back specially for, at these prices ($10 and up).

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