Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random Vignettes

Bought too much mango last weekend. 5 gigantic Taiwanese honey mangoes, each twice the size of a man's hand. Mangos are heaty so eating too much will make one prone to sour throats and mouth ulcers. Maybe I could make some into sorbet which keeps for a while longer, to spread out the damage.


Have been spending a lot of time lately musing on life and the curveballs that it throws at us. The laws of probability never seems to work in your favour, bad things happen to good people, and there aren't enough reasons in the world to explain why some stuff happens the way it does.


Bloody annoyed with Japan Hour last Saturday, which tempted me with lovingly lingering shots of chiraishi bowls bedecked with Hokkaido snow crab, jewelled ikura, and creamy uni. Forbidden fruit always seems so alluring.


Going for Ballet Under the Stars in two weeks time. Have not been for a while. Love the whole picnic experience to bits but no idea of what to cook this time round. Might just take the lazy option and buy some Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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