Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ugly Macarons

I have no idea what in the world possessed me to try and make macarons on last Sunday afternoon. Suffice to say that I was demented and stressed during those few hours. These are tricky buggers to make! Of the 20 or so that I baked, only 3 developed the requisite frilly "feet". The rest had hollow tops, cracked domes, and were odd shaped (okay, that was my own fault for using an improvised piping bag from a cut-out plastic bag with no piping tip). In any case, they tasted good, if a tad sweet.
Will post recipe if I managed to bake them successfully in future but don't count on it. There's a lot of strange factors involved (humidity, amount of folding into the egg whites, aging of raw egg whites, type of bowl used blah blah blah) which makes me think that getting it right is kind of like magic.

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