Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Duck Confit at Vista Bistro

Headed to the new Playground@Big Splash, along the East Coast Parkway, two Saturdays ago for a meet-up with friends. Our original destination was 1-Twenty Six but we realised only when we reached there that the place was not open for lunch. No matter, we hopped over to the adjacent Vista Bistro, which used to be located at Biopolis and where I remembered having some rather decent set lunches.
All four of us unanimously went for the duck confit, which was priced extremely reasonably at $16.90. I was having a craving for duck confit due to self-imposed deprivation just the day before at Cassis, who had rather unreasonably in my opinion, moved their duck confit and a few other of my favourite items from the $38 set lunch menu to a $55 "executive" menu (hello??!!). Well this rendition didn't quite hit the spot as the duck was not really cooked till soft and melting, and the skin was not crispy either. I suppose the quality is reflective of the price point. It was also boiling hot that day and the shade provided scant shelter, so we scarpered off to Joanne and Peter's place for a lovely pick-me-up of strawberry smoothie pronto.

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