Sunday, January 28, 2007

Egg Cake

This is a very traditional steamed cake which is also awfully easy to make (you do need a electric mixer though).
3 eggs
180 g plain flour
180 g fine sugar
2 tablespoons of 7-up/sprite/ice-cream soda/100 plus (very important! do not skip.)

1) whisk the eggs with the sugar on "high" setting till creamy white and tripled in volume, about 45 min.
2) add in the flour and mix evenly, another 5-10 min
3) mix in the 7-up (and squeeze in some pandan leave juice if it is available)
4) pour into metal mould
5) steam for about 35 min

That's it! Easy-peasy and doesn't need an oven. This used to be very common in Singapore but we don't see it that often nowadays. Brings back lots of childhood memories...

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