Saturday, August 29, 2009

Botak Jones

When we asked Joanne what she would like to have for lunch she chose Botak Jones over Espirito Santo, cos none of us had eaten there before. There are a number of Botak Jones over the island all located in neighbourhood coffeeshops, selling american stuff like burgers, fries, sandwiches, steaks. The Marine Parade outlet is located at Blk 80 Marine Parade Central, near our usual hangout of Parkway Parade.

We all ordered burgers - E and I shared a "Massive" which is described as "220g of prime steer australian beef mixed and formed in our central kitchen served with lettuce, tomato and onion" and measures 5 inches across. A $9.30 set ($7.80 for the burger alone) got us two additional sides of chilli fries and stewed vegetables.

Our "Massive" came within 10 minutes and it looked pretty impressive. According to the server, the beef patty was handground and so the choice of doneness was restricted to only medium or medium well (i don't see the logic in that unless they are not very hygenic in doing the grinding). I do think they should have used a slightly more fatty cut of meat - the patty was a tad dry although I liked the spices thrown in (perhaps thyme and oregano). Avoid the stewed vegetables - they were overcooked and gluey, go for the corn on the cob instead. The chilli fries were alright but not that special. N.B. I forgot to add that the buns would have benefitted from being toasted and everything should be served hot. For some reason the beef patty was tepid when it came.
Overall not too bad fare at this price point but then Carl's Junior serves up better burgers (my favourite, double bacon western cheeseburger) at a cheaper price with air conditioning too.

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