Sunday, August 16, 2009

An Encounter with Two Spoilt Children

We were having dinner with my parents at this Teochew eatery at Joo Chiat Place yesterday (the food is good but that's not the topic of this post) when this big MPV drew up and after about 10 attempts managed to parallel park next to the road. Out appeared the family, including two girls of primary school going age - they looked to be about 8 and 11 or thereabouts.

This family dashed to "chope" a table but almost immediately the two girls started protesting "there are flies on the table" (an exaggeration, since the eatery was in fact quite clean, much better than many hawker centers). Almost just as speedily the parents started offering to "pack the food away" and when that failed, to bring them somewhere else for dinner, presumably air-conditioned. Really spoilt children, and understandably so, given the attitude of the parents, to give into their every whim and fancy. No wonder they call them the strawberry generation - soft and bruise easily.

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