Monday, August 31, 2009

Currently addicted...

... to this Taiwanese TV serial. The plot is so far-out that it wouldn't look out of place on Mars, storylines are completely illogical, and the acting over-the-board, so why do I still want to watch it?

Maybe because deep down, I am drawn to the heart-warming messages in this show: good triumphs over evil, the meek will inherit the earth, and true love can conquer all. When what you believe in comes increasingly under test, it is precisely such affirmative escapism that allows you to (momentarily) forget the realities of this big bad world that we live in, and gives you a much-needed shot of hope.

Fated to Love You: Currently airing on Channel U, weekday nights 10 pm to 11 pm (or watch on, the chinese version of youtube).

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