Sunday, August 23, 2009

In Search of The Perfect Meal

The Perfect Meal: A TV show showing on channelnewsasia, that pits 6 well-known chefs in a contest to "reinvent classic local dishes and ultimately create an iconic meal epitomizing modern Singapore". The winner gets to cook for the President of Singapore. The show gets a kick in the entertainment factor because of the terribly acerbic but spot-on comments of one of the judges Peter Knipp, who is the man behind the World Gourmet Summit. Case in point - "Do you know who is Alfred Hitchcock? He made horror movies. I think we're experiencing one now.".

Sadly, I missed the second, third and fourth episodes so if anyone knows where I can catchup on them (can't find them on youtube) do drop me an email.

Note: There's something wrong with my server that makes blogger act strangely - can't post any photos for the moment or do any (not-so) fancy-smancy formatting.

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