Thursday, October 22, 2009


An oasis of calm

I fell in love with this cafe even before I sat down. The white-washed walls, cool blue accents, wood panelled floors and soft modern jazz playing in the background simply imparted a sense of tranquility and relaxation, and transported me away to an exotic seaside resort. More precisely, Mykii's decor and food (what they call "travelled cuisine" with a theme of "getaway"), takes inspiration from the Greek island of Mykonos. The spread of food items is extensive, with a range including pastas, sandwiches, meat and fish mains, many of which are prepared with a Southeast Asian influence.

just gotta love that adorable little blue window

Felt sophisticated and well-travelled as I sipped my iced lemon tea

Lunch is very affordable, at SGD13.80 for a main course, soup, dessert, and drink. The soup of the day was a tomato basil soup that tasted pretty rich and summery and aptly resonated with the Mediterranean vibe of the restaurant. It probably came out of a can but those were good quality canned tomatoes. My selection of Chicken Tofu Burger with Romaine Lettuce came with two deep fried tofu "buns" sandwiching grilled cajun chicken breast, drizzled with oriental peanut sauce. It felt reminiscent of a westernised version of the Indonesian dish "taukwa goreng". Not bad at all, the chicken was not overcooked and remained tender, and I liked the firm texture and health brownie points from eating tofu (although there are probably truckloads of hidden calories from the deep frying!) A small chocolate tart - a bit of a letdown - rounded off the meal. Really a good find, given the gorgeous decor and that the food is pretty decent. This is probably the cheapest "holiday" that one can enjoy without even having to buy tickets. Perfect for long chats and general lolling around.

17d Lorong Liput Holland Village

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