Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Santaro (a.k.a. I have a short memory)

YAWN. Well I should have known that the spree of fantastic Japanese meals I had been having lately wouldn't last forever. This wasn't actually bad....it was just HO-HUM and very forgettable. It didn't inspire, excite, titillate or even shock (at least bad food elicits a reaction!).

And I had completely forgotten that I had exactly the same sentiments just a year plus back. And ordered exactly the same set lunch to boot.

Dessert was not bad, fortunately. Instead of the usual boring cut fruits (why do Japanese restaurants like to give watermelon slices), we got a matcha "brulee", with a strangely firm and non-wobbly gelatinous texture but a nice bitter taste of green tea. Also, the company and conversation saved the day and more than made up for the blandness of the lunch.

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